TGIWednesday…and finally giving you what you’ve asked for!

Jimmy Mack Healing header
Someone once said, “If you don’t like your life, make changes and your life will change as well”. Along those lines, I have created a life-changing series of Audio MP3’s that are downloadable to your phone or computer. Each is unique and almost six months in the making.

Today I am officially releasing the latest in the MyBeliefworks™ series at:

  • Healing Mental & Emotional Stressors
  • Healing Physical Body Disorders
  • Improving Your Sex Life
  • Improving Your Sleep

Now, unlike other “healers” I am into spreading the word and sharing. I’ve had clients who cost shared with friends and family to get my products or they’ve purchased them for others they knew REALLY needed them and benefited from them. Please feel free to do the same with these.


If you booked two hours privately with me, it would be $250. If you purchase all 4 of these at the special price of $147, ($228 regular price) not only will you have in excess of the two hours of my voice, and powerful energy shifting, they’re yours to keep forever. Loop them, play them weekly, or even daily, and please share them with your immediate family and friends (who may need them even more than you!)

After August 13th, this one-time special offer will go away, so I hope that you will get them now and listen. I KNOW they will make a difference for you here and now and so it is.


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