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My dear mentor and friend imparted a story to me that I call cave theory. He would say that you could spend 8 hours a day 7 days a week working on your personal anger, resentments, fears and guilt. I used to want to about punch him in the head and ringing in my head were the words, “that doesn’t sound like much fun at all….” He would further that by saying that even if and when you did that, you may go outside only to stub your toe on a rock and shout an obscenity only to raise your fist to God and realize it was back into the cave you went to do more work.

There is no shortage of ick in our lives. We are exposed to it daily from an irate spouse or co worker to road rage going to work. But what you do, and how you cope allows for the “agents of change” to create a crack in the window that can make a huge difference in how you act, feel and react to life as you know it. An agent of change can be the Holy Spirit, your archangel, spirit guides, your great grandfather, etc.

When we were 18 we were concerned about what everyone thought about us. When we turn 36 we couldn’t care less about what people think about is and when we turn 62 we realize, no one was ever thinking about us to begin with. It’s like my father’s favorite crude joke, the man takes down his pants and the woman says, “Who do you plan on pleasing with that little thing?” And the man says, “Me.”

So don’t wait to stub your toe coming out of the cave, hell don’t go in the cave to begin with. Anything you can do for you, to improve YOUR life will allow an agent of change to be the catalyst to have it happen, but it will create a vacuum around you so that either the people around you change as well, or you don’t mind so much if they don’t. I will settle for either outcome. Remember to work on you, work on you, work on you. It is not being selfish or self centered or a bitch or a bastard. It is improving you all the way to the door and allowing your life to become more enriching, powerful and fun. and How to Heal Yourself and Others Now
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