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Hopefully, by the time you reach this page you have already read my book How to Heal Yourself and others now or the book I co authored with Bob Proctor from the movie The Secret and Maria Nemeth PhD entitled: Take Action Now! Which I would highly recommend to anyone who is either now or thinking of becoming a life coach as Bob and Maria are some of the best on this or any other planet! Either one of these books will give you the basic overview and background so that you can get your head around the information below.

I would highly encourage you to schedule even a brief session with me after you have read the eBook and all of this information below.

I was awakened in the middle of the night with this concept and of course I debated as usual and asked “them” to wait until the morning, promising to remember it and other stories that we tell ourselves and others to avoid something. Thank goodness I turned on the night light and wrote it down. Thus began the odyssey of My Liquid Fish.

You will find all sorts of helpful pieces on this website and on my you tube channel http://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6dY61gWJhNOF_wwUnjC0iw and throughout my books which will strengthen your ability to create change. In the end, there is only death, taxes and change. It took me 25 years and somewhere in the 6 figures to take all the methods, systems, retreats, teachings and healing techniques that I learned and mastered. Now for a fraction of that cost in money and very little time investment you can do what I do. How awesome would it be if you had a simple, powerful tool that would determine yes or no and then YOU could create a wind of change in any area of your life and that of others?

You are only limited by your mind. This will work on people, places, things, pets, situations, body, mind, health, spirit, money, relationships, blocks, negative stuff and so forth and so on.

If you can muscle test or use applied Kinesiology (I have found standing muscle testing to work best) you can reach a yes or no. If you are new at all of this standing works best. If you can already muscle test and get clear answers good for you! You can also use a pendulum which comes from dowsing days where people used dowsing rods to find water and even oil along with an array of lost things. Google the above terms or you tube them if need be.



It’s not working !

Ultimately you must get clear on the pieces/statements below before you begin testing other affirmative statements. Then and only then can you test and if something you want to have as a yes tests no, you can change it using My Liquid Fish. If you feel you are all over the map, you may need to be more hydrated, insure that you are facing due North and you may be “over energy” which looks like flower roots where your head is while your flower is where your feet are! If you test for “my energy is reversed” you will want to change that using the liquid fish to, “I am running forward and upright”

Testing Menu

I am clear (should be yes)

I am unclear (should be no)

I am running forward (should be yes)

I have released all negative weakness of body mind, and spirit

I have downloaded all positive strengths for my body, mind and spirit now!

Releasing from the Earth negative, bad, or weak blocks

Start at the bottom left of the wall, the earth or computer/TV screen by pointing your finger(s) like “hey, look over there!” You will then move up to the middle, top of fish, then face of fish, then underbelly, then cross original line. You should wind up pointing at the top left of the wall, earth or computer/TV screen

Bringing in from heaven the positive, the good or strong downloads

Start at the top left of the wall, the sky or the computer/TV screen again pointing like, “hey look at that plane up there!” Then move down towards the middle, belly of the fish, then the face, along the back, then crossing your original line. You will wind up pointing at the bottom left of the wall, earth or computer/TV screen or back towards yourself is fine too! It is one fluid motion.




You can also, easily be silent and say nothing at all OR being saying things like, “I am deleting, erasing, and returning this all up into the void now, away from me now.” These are sample words and you can feel free to customize them and make them your own. Some people find this a great way to keep your often over thinking left brain entertained while the real magic happens!

Always remember “Test before you change!”

Other inhibitors

Spirit for whatever reason does not understand, “I may not want to kind of sort of go to the store to get milk tonight or not?” That’s just a silly thing to say and in my experience with spirit it is like trying to ask an American Southerner directions and asking them in Russian! But if you ask it in an affirmative statement, “It is my highest and best to go to the store tonight to buy milk” It will test out yes or no if you are clear.

Things to Ignore

Why. It will keep you curled up on the couch! “But Why Jimmy why?” Who cares! Change it!

Famous clients and coaches, healers often use the word Why, but I know they did not have the same experience as me and I know what I have seen get the most change/results

Meditation! Unless it helps you relax or somehow gives you messages GREAT! But I have done that for decades and no matter how much you and I do that on my bed or couch it will NOT trim the hedges in front of my home! Only through doing, being, moving can we create CHANGE!

I want to understand everything!

You do not need to understand EVERYTHING about an engine or a transmission to drive a car.

Want or Desire? Ignore these two because they will keep what you are looking to achieve just out of reach! They remind me of the dog tracks and the dogs chase “Rusty” the fake rabbit. They never really catch Rusty because he’s way faster than them!

Much like a vision board is just out in front of you. I am not anti vision board but I would use the fish to take out the blocks and drop whatever is on that vision board into my being.

An Example

If after clearing yourself you no longer test strong/positive/affirmative for say Insomnia, then move on towards word trails like, “It’s safe and comfortable to sleep soundly through the night” or “Every night I cease over thinking and in peace, I drift off to sleep.” The statements are endless and I would be working on a variety of them until I slept through the night. You can pose the request, “show me and tell me_______________” and wait for a response from the universe to create a gut feeling or knowing in your head! The more intuitive you can become the better. Not intuitive? Use My Liquid Fish to work on your intuition!

If you are clueless how to proceed you can ask “Spirit in the sky, show me and tell me what words and word tracks will help/contribute to clear up my insomnia”

If I do it once, am I done forever?

Probably not, but if it works, that is great for you! I have had that occur. Diseases or disorders erased, jobs seemingly fall out of the sky and lovers show up at my doorstep. But some of the sharpest people I know work on themselves every day and often about the same themes daily. What I have figured out over time is that we are having a human experience. So daily we eat, we cloth ourselves, we bathe. It is the same for this. If you had the best meal or worst meal that you have ever had at for example a Thai Restaurant, you would not say, “Oh I am never eating another meal again”

If you are ultra clear, testing great and everything is on track, more often than not you can walk into or through a crowd like city streets, a nursing home, hospital, mall, restaurant or sporting event. Much the same as you have in the past picking up some cold or allergy you never saw, so to can you “mess up” how clear you are. You would just merely change it. It’s like being perfectly freshly out of the shower and clean clothes and you go work in a kitchen that night or near a bar. You WILL come out smelling like food or cigarettes. It’s now time to just wash your clothes, take a shower and clear yourself again. I have found clients that stay clear the longest are more in rural areas, camping or “earth” ing if you will.

Why does it work?

I believe that if you picture infinity that merely looks like the figure 8 lying on its side, I have taken only about 70 percent of it. So while the fish face is always facing to the right (does not matter if you are left or right handed) I find that creating that fish allows you to “load” weak/neg/stuff at the bottom at the bottom of the tail and jettison it up to the top or the void/outer space/god stuff and when you go to the top left you are drawing in from the clouds/runway of heaven the good/positive stuff and asking it to re enter into you or whatever you are working on.



The Super Ancient History of Fish

Ok, so I only happened on all the links and info below by accident one night on TV and I thought wow, here is a guy who may or may not be very religious/spiritual or elevated but yet he is presenting the basic theory that we (mankind) all evolved from fish. So how cool is that? When you consider that in 2013 I was given the design and hand movements of My Liquid Fish that can actually create changes for you when you play with it; to me it is all coming full circle or at least circular.




Special thanks to NASA for permission to use the Hubble space telescope picture for my latest book Tell the Fish 365 Daily Inspiration & Affirmations. And special thanks to Reverend Michael Beckwith from the movie The Secret for asking me and allowing me to continue to contribute to services live stream @ Agape Live in LA.

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in that movie I have the pleasure of knowing is Rev Michael Bernard Beckwith. Like him I think that I really want to continue to be of service and to contribute! To all those that joined me when I called into the service and who were in the congregation when I spoke or on the live webinar,


I want to thank you, for allowing me to contribute…Many blessings and may many more follow as you read this now…

And special thanks to Rev Michael, Leigh, Paul, Suzi Lula and Scott Steel

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How to heal yourself and others now http://goo.gl/9ONWWj

Tell the Fish 365 Daily Inspiration & Affirmations http://goo.gl/nM1cb7

Transformational Healing of Body, Mind and Spirit, People, Places, Pets and Situations!

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How to heal yourself and others now http://goo.gl/9ONWWj

Tell the Fish 365 Daily Inspiration & Affirmations http://goo.gl/nM1cb7

Transformational Healing of Body, Mind and Spirit, People, Places, Pets and Situations!