TGIWed and a word of thanks to everyone!

Some people have asked me, “What’s your secret?” Well it’s kind of like the movie The Secret and one of the stars

in that movie I have the pleasure of knowing is Rev Michael Bernard Beckwith. Like him I think that I really want to continue to be of service and to contribute! To all those that joined me when I called into the service and who were in the congregation when I spoke or on the live webinar,

I want to thank you, for allowing me to contribute…Many blessings and may many more follow as you read this now…

And special thanks to Rev Michael, Leigh, Paul, Suzi Lula and Scott Steel

Jimmy Mack V 727.678.0557

E rmckeown

How to heal yourself and others now

Tell the Fish 365 Daily Inspiration & Affirmations

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