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Daily Inspiration & Affirmations

May 22nd

Gorgeous woman, menial job

Brenda worked with a payroll company in the Tampa bay area where she felt she had reached a glass ceiling. Until something else became available, she was reduced to cold calling for potential new clients. As an area manager, she felt that it was quite beneath her. We worked on her, her job, her son, her love life and everything else that she could think of in a jam packed hour of tears and laughter. In less than 3 months she was offered a district manager’s position in South Florida and the keys to her own office to start from scratch. She could assemble her own team, call her own shots and reported only electronically and over the phone to people out of town. It was as if she was living the vision she had requested in my living room. It all happened so fast that she could not believe it and she jumped up not one position but two. No one at the office had done that before. Her relationship with her son continued to strengthen as did the mutual feelings between her and the man she was seeing. In under 3 months her entire world had shifted for the better.

Today I will realize that where I am today has the potential to elevate me to heights unknown in a very short period of time. I will fulfill my duties with passion and determination and I will hold my dream close to my chest and remember that all things are possible when I believe.

Excerpt from:

Tell The Fish 365 ©

Daily Inspiration & Affirmations

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