Thanks for all the HAPPY Birthday Wishes!

Happy Birthday to You…Thanks to everyone for the b day wishes!
Birthday greetings from my inbox: from my book:
Tell the Fish 365 Daily Inspiration & Affirmations

Jimmy, Happy Birthday, listen my tooth is really bothering me and I have another
dentist appointment tomorrow but I am hoping to get with you today to get rid of this
pain and anxiety, so get me in on your first available, K?.

Happy Birthday, do you think my resumé is being received because the recruiters
act skittish and I am wondering if it’s just me or the whole state of Florida? Can we

Jimmy, Happy Birthday my dear friend, I hope you are having a blast and I know
that traditionally you don’t schedule clients on your birthday, but I am hoping

you will make an exception for me because I just got back from the doctor, hit me back.

Jimmy, Happy Birthday, I forgot that you are a fellow Leo like me, listen, I cannot
find my car keys anywhere…..Thoughts? Hints? Impressions?

Happy Birthday buddy, I know you’re not working today but my anxiety and
loneliness is at a new level, honestly we have to get together ASAP anything
available noonish today? Call, text or email asap.

Jimmy, I know that you’ve been working on me for attracting more women and I
REALLY want to get with this new girl. I don’t think I told you that I found out her
husband’s name is the same as mine and now she’s acting all cold towards me. Do
you think that all the attractive good mojo stuff you’ve been sending my way went to
the wrong Phillip? I know it’s like midnight but call me ASAP.

Today I will remember that we have choices. That “No” can be a one word sentence.
That other people are generally self-absorbed and that I can make the choice to buy
into that as a belief and or as much as a choice that they have made. Today I will
choose peace and quiet. Jimmy Mack Healing Myliquidfish
Tell the Fish 365 Daily Inspiration & Affirmations

Jimmy Mack V 727.678.0557

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Tell the Fish 365 Daily Inspiration & Affirmations

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