‘Bliss Bath 3.0 — 852 Hz: ‘Isochronic Miracles’™’

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Hi <<First Name>>,

Happy Friday! I have an amazing gift from our good friend Darius Barazandeh to share with you to kickoff his new Fall Season 22 of the popular You Wealth Revolution: Energy and Life Transformation Global Summit later this month.

Claim your FREE GIFT + your FREE TICKET to this event here!

c5242231-a295-1e59-fd3f-58e4573fdb62.pngAlong with this new ‘Bliss Bath 3.0 — 852 Hz: ‘Isochronic Miracles’™’ Gift, you’ll also get access to the New Energy — NEW LIFE!™ LIVE Event Access — FREE!

Darius has put together a whole series of free energy ‘soul’ healing talks with a group of over 30 World-Class Energy Healers and Teachers who will share daily LIVE help for Energy Life Transformation during the upcoming Fall 2021 ‘New Energy — NEW LIFE!™’ Event.

It’s the biggest energy healing event of the year – best of all it’s FREE from your home and I’m honored to once again be a speaker in this new season which starts a few weeks from now. My LIVE show will be coming up on Tuesday November 16.

Discover more about the Free ‘New Energy – New You’ event now and claim your free gift below.

Enjoy the gift and make progress every day!

Claim Your Free Gift & Free Ticket Here
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"Today my fortune will be restored. My goodness will be increased. My thankfulness internal only to me will be heard. My problems and troubles will be reversed. I will experience renewal."

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