TGIWednesday and a download for releasing family triggers

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19e2012a-3c4d-33a3-a907-4c4c1e130106.jpgFull moon during Mental Health Awareness month…? Wow, yes there is a lot going on, so if you feel what our webmaster refers to as “extra crispy” it’s probably not you and you’re picking up on full moon angst. You might also notice family or friends acting a little edgy and again it may not be entirely their own fault.

I promise you as I age (at least in number) there is so much stuff that would have bothered me decades ago that I now smile about and just release and let go! Everyone is dealing with their own personal heartache and issues and some are just better at masking their pain.

Now is always the perfect time to create and start profound changes. New diet, exercise routine, or put in for that new work, job, or career opportunity. In spite of full moons, Mercury Retrograde coming on May 29 until June 22. every day is an opportunity to change, and focus on mind, body and spirit.

Join us to create profound changes tonight on our monthly Zoom call featuring any and all mental health challenges and issues! We’re going to co-create some powerful healing and change and bring everyone back into splendid alignment of wholeness.

ALSO, this is the FINAL WEEK celebrating Mental Health Awareness highlighting 20% off the MyBeliefWorks for Healing Mental and Emotional Stressors MP3/PDF.

TGIWednesday Download

I believe, think, know and feel that I can be with family and friends without being triggered. I am ready, willing and able to change myself and thereby changing how I interact with others. I know, when, where, how and why to allow spirit to guide me towards that simple process to bring in peaceful grounding, and balance in my life here and now & I am asking in all languages & throughout all time lines and so it is.

Wishing you the rest of your life will be the best of your life and remember to make progress every day!

LIVE TONIGHT MySwitchWorks Zoom Event
d6d01825-7d69-4fc8-ba37-c32b87d53223.pngLAST CHANCE – JOIN US TONIGHT
May 26th at 7:30pm ET

Call will be all about Improving Mental Health

Here’s a sample of what’s been submitted so far:

  • I release [worry, anxiety, fear and any other mental health
    interferances] from my daily activities.
  • May there be ease and grace in living, supporting and coping with a family member or someone you live with who has mental issues.
  • I release stress, shame, grief, self-judgement, and depression from present/past and ancestrial lives — throughout all time, dimensions, space and reality.

Register Here for $22
Includes live call access & replay.
REGISTRATION INSTRUCTIONS: Click on the date circled in BLUE.Look for the event time shown in YOUR time zone. SELECT THAT TIME & then click on the BLUE CONFIRM BUTTON then follow through & complete your payment.

Register Here – $22
FREE Show Appearances
16c9d667-d03c-d28e-e80a-710ef56edf6b.pngI was recently interviewed by host Ann Theato from the UK for her podcast "Psychic Matters!" The episode is available now!
Listen Here

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