TGIWednesday and a download for rising above it all

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TGIWednesday News
What do you miss most? I miss sitting down in a restaurant, going to the movies, my aqua class at LA Fitness center, and I miss folks going without masks and gloves and general hysteria. When will “normal” return? I used to get July, then June, now it’s about the 3rd week in May. Hold on and do your best not to make each day Ground Hog Day – if you haven’t seen the movie now’s the time! And of course pick up our new audio MP3 for Transcending the Coronavirus/Covid-19 Crisis It’s still FREE with any purchase from the shop. Most folks are getting the $22 Zoom calls (works like a 2 for 1) but see what works for you. And keep the faith and all moving forward in prayers with grace and ease.

b9cf2e59-5741-42b2-9240-85c6c81d2d65.jpgLast night’s Pink Supermoon was the largest in 2020 – read more about what that means here.

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