TGIFriday Pet and Animal Healings

Jimmy Mack Healing header
Need help getting your furry friend over his vet anxiety?
If you are a pet owner/parent, then you know there are so many issues and anxieties that the animals we love can have and we often feel unable to change it or help them, but that’s not the case. If you’re feeling frustrated with naughty, bad behavior, worried about their anxiety, concerned about their aggression, or powerless to care for their medical issue – that is what this new MP3 Audio MP3/ PDF is here to help you with and more. Now is your chance to download & start listening over the weekend and see what changes can occur!The intro price is just $39 if you buy now, or it will go up to $57 after December 7th!
Take a look at the $100 package offer which includes a 30 min session w/me.
MyBeliefworks™ for Facilitating Animal Healing Audio MP3/PDFIncludes 30 min and over 120 clearings
both written and recorded
Will be priced at $57
During this sale you’ll save 31%!
Get it now for $39
30 minute Pet Healing Session w/Jimmy PLUS MyBeliefworks™ for Facilitating Animal Healing MP3/PDF
-Includes 30 minute pet session w/Jimmy (a $77 value)
– plus 30 min and over 120 clearings
both written and recorded
(a $57 value)
Instead of paying $134 you’ll save $34!
Get it now for $100
"The Healing Audio for Pets and Animals is awesome! I have known and received Jimmy’s help for almost a decade, and he is an amazing and gifted healer with an exceptional ability to connect and hear Spirit in order to facilitate transformation and change in absolutely any area of your life. There are no limits to Jimmy’s abilities. His passion and conviction that healing can and will occur is a powerful tool for change. I am forever grateful for having had the privilege and honor of Jimmy Mack’s continued help, support, guidance and teachings."-Lara Allison DVM
TGIFriday Funny – Pet Shaming Edition

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