TGIMonday and last week’s PayPal attacks

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Due to a widespread cyber attack last week blocking access to many popular websites, you may have had some technical issues with ordering the new audio MP3 for Optimizing Transactional Space and we apologize.

Netflix, Twitter, Spotify, and PayPal were among some of the targets hit this past Friday and many "transactional spaces" were affected ironically but are now restored. (See the full story below)

So this is just a quick courtesy email with a link and reminder about the new audio and the special introductory pricing that’s ending this Friday at midnight.

Now $37 for the Audio MP3 & PDF!
(will go up to $57)

Get It Now – $37
P.S. and a word of thanks to all those that have already gotten in on getting this…… you have made this the fastest selling & most talked about MyBeliefworks audio so far… the success stories just keep coming!

"2nd transaction success!!! …. I received a special forbearance from my student loan until January!" – C.C. / Chicago (Oct 20th)

"Just wanted to let you know that the new Transactional Space audio is sensational! Both my business partners are doing it also and we are all experiencing great shifts! One of my partners had a new client AND tickets home for Thanksgiving given to her in the background while she was listening to the audio for the first time! The other business partner got three invitations to speaking events as she was just setting the time on her calendar to when to TRY the audio!" – K.A. / California (Oct 22nd)

"Well, I never had time to listen to the MP3 a second time, because the day after I originally listened, I got a call from a past client that was growing his family and wanted to see some some homes and also put his home up for sale. This has turned into just over $1Million in sales within a week!! We already have a contract and have listed his home! Listening is believing, and trusting in yourself is the winning ticket. How do you alter time and space and open doorways like you do, Jimmy? All I can say is thank you FRIEND!" – K.D. / Virginia (Oct 21st)

"The morning I listened to the Transactional Space MP3 I felt really calm and at peace listening to and repeating out loud some of the affirmative statements. That afternoon, my husband and I had planned to go to the credit union to get a small loan for a project. We both were pleasantly surprised how fast and easy the process was! Now… fast forward to a couple of days later… my CC company notified me that they caught a fraudulent charge on my card and closed that account. They opened another for me… and before I could even get THAT card…. another fraud alert came through on my cell phone! Someone had charge over $900 of car parts to a car model we don’t own. I called the CC company again and once again… they closed the account and immediately sent out a new CC. Instead of thinking any victim type of thoughts… I immediately am sending out praises of thanks and gratitude for being protected!!! I truly feel that this new MP3 is a very valuable tool to add to your Ascension Kit! As we Expand and Ascend the upper Vibrations… we need all the help we can get! – T.W.S. / New York (Oct 19th)

Also tomorrow’s radio show 12 Noon EST is all about love and relationships my dear friend and co-host Marla Martenson……… Call in number (713) 955-0594
Please join us live and ask questions and get free healings!!! Thanks everyone!
Tune In Here tomorrow at Noon.ET
Can’t leave out a cute little pre-Halloween funny for your entertainment… enjoy!
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