TGIWednesday and Seasons of Change

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Tuesday’s 12-noon ET call in LIVE (713) 955-0594

Yesterday’s REPLAYwith special Guest Dr. Kristin Beck, DC (Chiropractor, Certified in Acupuncture) …all about back, neck, hip alignments, sound bed/vibrational therapy, infrared light therapy and more.

September 6th – at 12 noon ET guest is Pamela Cummins, clairaudient, clairsentient, and clairvoyant love expert. Taking live callers at (713) 955-0594 or Listen online

September 13th – at 12 noon ET guest is Keith Scott, PT who has studied Light Body and Theta Healing energy work. Taking live callers at (713) 955-0594 or Listen online

Last week REPLAY Intuitive Destiny w/host Jeremy Riden

Monday’s REPLAY Conscious Revolution w/host Kaarin Alisa on KCOR Radio

Listen to all replay archives by going to

Watch my latest video on Cosmic Conversations with Marla Martensen all about Mercury Retrogrades and Full Moons

Here’s a video to elevate you and inspire your day! Filmed by my youngest son Hunter with his wife KT and my G Daughter Charlie Blythe

TGIWednesday Download
Say YES to receive the energy of this download in all times and all languages

I have God’s definition of being filled with the zest and energy of the change of seasons. I know what it feels like and what it means as well as how to do so, that I can, that it’s possible, safe and comfortable to enjoy the fall season within situations, relationships, work and life. Automatically I am applying this download to every aspect of my life as the grand and glorious adventures effectively energize me on a daily basis. As I read this now, all of the best is moving across all time lines in all languages as I say out loud now – YES!

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