TGIWednesday and enduring & thriving past planetary changes

August – On The Air

Listen to the The Jimmy Mack Healing Show
Tuesday’s 12-noon ET call in LIVE (713) 955-0594

Yesterdays show with mystical life coach and intuitive Rev Jeremy Riden Intuitive DestinyCoaching about your life’s purpose! Listen to replay here

Aug 16th – Replay w/guest Dr. Kerry Kott from Pure Elements Healing Click to listen here

Aug 9th – Replay w/ guest Vandala of Accelerated Light Click to listen here.

August 17th – Replay- Co-hosting with Charlotte Spicer on Spiritual Insights Radioshow

August 18th – Replay Life in the Hologram on KCOR Radio Las Vegas. Listen here.

Still to come….

August 29th at 6pm ET Conscious Revolution w/host Kaarin Alisa on KCOR Radio Taking live callers at (705) 425-9230

August 30th at 12pm ET Jimmy Mack Healing Show with special Guest Dr. Kristin Beck, DC (Chiropractor and Acupuncturist) all about backs, necks, car accidents, rehab, healing etc….

Listen to all replay archives by going to

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I know how to and what it feels like to experience planetary changes without taking on the negative energy and its connotations. I believe I will remain untouched by full moons and planets in retrograde and while others may experience chaos and drama, I will remain the steadfast voice of reason knowing on a deeper level that I am meant for greater things. I will go beyond endurance and the ethers as spirit paves the way before me now.

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