TGIFriday and saving you $$ ⌛

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TGIFriday Special Offer Reminder
Ok, so it’s been like 4ever since I sent out a TGIF email ……………and if you don’t want to look like the picture on the right….you better ACT FAST!

We both know what’s going to happen with some of my favorite weekly clients…..after this 10 day sale is gone next Friday………… they’ll all be like, “Jimmy I didn’t know, Jimmy I forgot, Jimmy I had an email issue."

….you snooze, you lose…… because you will have had 3 reminders of this introductory special package valued at $182 retail …….and it’s at $65 now until July 16th at midnight. Keep in mind that this is my insider’s pricing so this is a real advantage for you.

So get it today and share it with your family, your best friend and you could go in on it halfsies… whatever … because after next Friday this will nearly double in price.

It’s like paying for one 30 minute session with me and getting the entire new book plus 90 minutes of audio healing for free!

The package includes Spiritual Healing Techniques: Essential Methods for Creating a Healthier Life (choice of Kindle, iPad pdf/ebook, & Paperback) PLUS an audio MP3 & PDF on Being at the Crossroads AND a Bonus 40 minute Audiobook version read aloud by me that in itself will increase the impact of the information.
The following TGIWednesday will be your last reminder, which by the way is the day after my next live Jimmy Mack Healing Show on Tuesday at Noon ET with Bryan Rawls as my special guest. He is an extraordinary psychic that will give readings AND healings…………I like him a lot because he’s accurate and FAST.

And for those of you who already got in on this deal … here’s something to make you laugh just for opening this extra email today 🙂

TGIFriday Funny
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