TGIWednesday, Purple Rain and Rays of Light

Jimmy Mack Healing header
In honor of Prince, today’s eNews Updates are sent in purple!
We love you, we miss you.

TGIWednesday News
e4bbdfa4-7f57-41e1-8e31-277a2ce8d3cc.jpgI enjoyed my visit to the Dowser’s Unlimited FL group last week and I welcome many of them here to TGIW! We had a fun few hours together creating change on a lot of levels. One lady I worked with for about 3 minutes asked for help in lowering her blood pressure and I got an email the following day saying that her BP dropped 15 points. Nice.

Oh and in the photo, do you notice the rays of prism light coming towards me and the stage? Love that………..Thanks everyone for making our time there special! Thanks Sandy Bidinger we love Prince and YOU!

From The Fish Box
"More good stuff, had my Friday night spiritual circle and I asked all ten for one negative thought that they would like to release! I used the fish lower left to upper left and everyone in the group felt the shift – How cool was that?! Have watched five of your videos already today, thanks again for being part of my new life!"

A.B. / Florida

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