TGIWednesday and revealing my Life’s Purpose

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TGIWednesday News
Tomorrow I will be in the Central Florida area and if you would like to see me in a rare live appearance at the Dowsers Unlimited FL event on April 20th at 4pm click for details here:

You are

​ also​

invited to join me and 11 other master healers as I am a guest speaker on The Gathering for Financial Consciousness Global Virtual Series 3, hosted by Dr. Dana Williams. This FREE 12 day series will take place LIVE from April 18-29, 2016. The Gathering for Financial Consciousness’ purpose is to assist you with being able to receive financial abundance in all forms. Here is the link to sign up for this Global Virtual Series at no cost to you. You must register to get the call in info and free replays.

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I know that my life’s purpose will be revealed to me in the here and now and I know what it feels like and how to make the realization that my divine purpose is unique. I know how to live my day to day life in the flow and with forward positive movement as the divine guides my way. I know that I have inner and outer purpose filled movements that allow me to be of service to others. It’s ok to do and be a little bit of everything and come to the realization that often there is not just ONE thing and I can live my daily life producing products, services or both with displays of activity & perseverance that fulfill me from the inside out from this moment on.

And so it is as I say YES out loud now!

From The Fish Box
"Hello Jimmy,

Just a quick note to express our deepest gratitude and appreciation for the time you spent with our son last night. He has been in such a terrible spot and horrible frame of mind for quite some time now and he was in crisis. He was so relieved to hear I had contacted you and he couldn’t wait for his time/session with you.

Jimmy, the session you had with our son was nothing short of a miracle. Your session started with him at 6 pm MST and by 6:30 pm MY entire body, energy and frame of mind shifted… and I wasn’t the one you were on the phone with! I looked at my watch and realized it was the half way point of your session with our son! I’ve been experiencing extreme discomfort and nausea for weeks and it all lifted instantaneously and I realized the absolute power of your work. Our son called us immediately after the session and his voice was completely different than the numerous heavy, confused and ‘depressed’ calls we had for weeks prior to your session. He was upbeat, refreshed, focused and felt that he went through an immediate transformation… all that in just an hour session! He told us that he enjoys working with you – he trusts you and feels extremely comfortable with who you are. He said that you totally ‘get’ him – something he doesn’t have a lot of out in the world.

Words can’t express our thanks. We know that this work is on-going and he has to work on things to be part of the total solution… but you will be part of his overall transformation – as he wants to continue working with you to become the best person he can be and live his life on ‘purpose’. Thank you for giving such a profound gift. We all had the best night sleep we’ve had in weeks.

God Bless You Jimmy Mack!"

L & J /Idaho

TGIWednesday Tools
New recordings and book on the way…
The "My Liquid Fish® Change Made Simple®" handbook will come in physical book, ebook AND audio book versions! Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, this handbook will be the updated energetic prayers and make fishing simple & fun.

Also coming soon… MyBeliefworks for The Crossroads: Influencing Favorable Outcomes of Life-changing Decisions Audio MP3: Listen when you’re facing a pending surgery or medical appointment, a legal trial/case, insurance dispute, property dispute, family grievance, money dilemma, a personal injury case, a tax audit, life-changing or looming decision to be made, considering promotion/career change, and allowing spirit to create the most optimal scenarios & resolutions for you.

For those times now when you need a boost in one area or another, the MyBeliefworks™ audio mp3s are my way of contributing to you when we can’t be together.
Listen here for my explanation on how it all works plus some sample clearings, then click the link below and see what issues & challenges I can assist you with.


Fish Food

The Daily Bread To Feed The Fish

Tell The Fish: 365 Daily Inspirations & Affirmations for April 20th

"Today I will take the road less traveled. I will embrace the unexpected and undertake a path that no one would have expected. I will work with that which shows up and embrace the present while concentrating on the future. That which is way out before me will elude me. I will deal with what is right here, right now."

Get the book & read the full story of the day at:

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