TGIWednesday and Full Moon Fishing

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The full moon is a great time for reflection. It can also illuminate light on areas of our lives that need to be lit up and recognized. It is a FACT that the ER is busier and that folks often go a little nutty during this time. Often times that headache or flaring of a family condition or financial lack isn’t even yours. It is merely the moon and the greater mass shining a light on it so that you can become more aware of what really needs your attention. So whether it’s health, relationships, money, work stuff, know that the intensity can and will pass.

For everything there is an opportunity to “fish it out” and get it worked out. If you need an extra boost, just email me info I stay busy, but if you’re reading this, I will ALWAYS make time for you.

Want to go deeper about the full moon and what it all means?

During my latest visit with Marla Martenson we talked about clearing dark energy, curses, hexes, spells and the entrainment we can get drawn into that needs to be cleared every day. Watch and listen here:

From The Fish Box
"Hope this finds you well. I have a burning desire to tell you how much the liquid fish is helping. We have been having times of great fear and for me, times of great resentment that I have been unable to let go of. (towards that girl). I’ll never forget those words you said to me during a session, "she’s out there living her life, so should you." Those words have haunted me. How could someone so evil be "living her life", while we sit here and suffer. Well, sometimes we do suffer, but the ONE thing that keeps pulling us out of the suffering??? Doing the liquid fish.

The liquid fish is helping us stay out of fear and resentment. It’s like a miracle. We say that all the time. I felt a deep desire to let you know how much we appreciate you and Spirit for helping us when we were at our lowest and vulnerable. Thank you so much. At times we find it quite difficult to move forward but somehow find the strength to move forward and when we incorporate the technique, the suffering is lessened…" ~ NT

Need a tune up? Or a brief fishing lesson? info

Fish Food

The Daily Bread To Feed The Fish

Tell The Fish: 365 Daily Inspirations & Affirmations for Feb 24th
"Today I will do what I want to do. I will not force my opinion or wishes on others. I will respect that each person has the right and the free will to choose what they want. I will mind my own business. I will suggest, but not force. I will inquire without demand. I will ask without intruding. Today I will endeavor to stay as private as possible and keep to myself."

Get the book & read the full story of the day at:

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