TGIWednesday… Deep Sea Fishing and Safe Travels

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Hard to believe it’s already December, and ’tis the season for stressful family/social gatherings, frenzied shopping & travel worries/drama and if you’re not "fishing" out your mental and emotional stressors each day along the way, you’re missing out on using the most effective tools for creating change that I know of… one that would give you much more peace this holiday season.

As I continually get downloads from the spirit world and have more and more sessions with people who get results using My Liquid Fish®, I have been diligently writing down all the things which should take YOUR fishing abilities and practice to the next level! And today is the day to release my new book!

In addition to the book, the Creator of all that is, (God, universal intelligence) also inspired me to write, transcribe and record the Traveling With More Ease Audio MP3. After Paris, Turkey, Russia and so much uncertainty with travel and immigration issues in the world; it is now more important than ever for you to have safety in all of your travels. So whether it is a drive across town, flight to see the family or a worldwide cruise, it is imperative that your endeavor should be as hassle and stress-free as possible!

I believe this audio and this new book can help/contribute to that here and now.
and I have a special introductory offer that will NEVER be repeated!

You Pay $59 for both!
Buy the package once & gift it to your friends/family. (yes, you read that right 😉

Choose either the Digital eBook/Kindle or Paperback, Click here for all the details.

Your Price Today $59 – Offer ends at Midnight PST on Dec.9th

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