TGIWednesday… Gratitude, Gifts and Spiritual Growth

Jimmy Mack Healing header
I am grateful that next Wednesday all the months of hard work writing my latest book & recording my latest audio will finally be in the hands of thousands of people whose lives can benefit from it. And this week… I’m also grateful that I can help ease your holiday stress by gifting you with a very special audio that you can listen to NOW for having a sense of ease and acceptance about family gatherings, family arguments or discourse, accepting family members life choices and even their passing. I encourage you to even play this on low/no volume in the background at family gatherings to affect change for all.

Right click to download the Gift Audio MP3 here

Gift #2… Here’s a video of a brand new interview I did with Marla Martenson just for Thanksgiving. Are you thankful for everything you have now? No? Yes? We’ll change that for you as you watch.

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