TGIWednesday and loving life in less than 15 minutes

Jimmy Mack Healing header
It’s almost time to take your fishing to the next level!!
The official release date for the new book Advanced Deep Sea Fishing Level 5 is Wednesday December 2nd.
There will be a limited time introductory offer which includes a brand new MyBeliefworks™ audio mp3/pdf that will help ease your holiday travels plus there’s a secret password to an exclusive website just for book purchasers… just my way of giving thanks!


This is why 15 minute brief sessions are so popular and can bring in cosmic juice and create miracles!!

“After our 15 minute call this morning things have start to happen this afternoon. At lunch my friend gave me a lead on a jewelry line. Several of my accounts that I have been holding orders for have given me the go ahead to send in their orders. And are you sitting down for this one? My former boss/partner just called – wants help creating an exclusive product line for a major US company. Now they’re asking for my advice on that and for some help & tips on other topics. We also talked about outstanding monies owed to me said they’d be sending some $. All because I spent 15 valuable mins with you today!!

You are the best!!! Thanks again for the "juice"!” ~ C.G.

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