TGIWednesday… gratitude download, sneak peek & a free healing hour for you!

Jimmy Mack Healing header
Behold… a sneak peek at the new book cover… coming soon…
Trick or Treat?
Let’s go with treat… more free healing for you!

I was recently a guest on Your Divine Uniqueness Telesummit with Moncef Akfir and spoke to several live callers and listeners who may have the same challenges, diseases or disorders as you or a loved one. You can experience these clearings on the replay link below because just hearing this can create those same changes for you!

Coming up on Friday at 1pm ET I’ll be on again with Jewels Johnson and The Law of Attraction Radio Network. If you really want some free time with me, try calling in live or just catch the replay. Again, these are all free shows and clearings/healings for you.

The fact that there is a full moon now can cause us to over analyze everything, sleep less and feel extra crispy so if you’re feeling extra crunchy, creepy and haunted (for lack of better words) you’re not alone!

Reach out today for a clean-up/tune up info

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