It’s my birthday! Open my present to you!

Jimmy Mack Healing header
Every year as my birthday gets closer I get a little nutty and TODAY is that day!

My team here tends to get upset with me because I have a tendency to giveaway the store…..ssshhhhhh….. and because everybody likes to over-celebrate just a little (is there really any such thing?)… I’m going to offer MY gift to YOU until midnight this Friday.

So here’s how we’re celebrating… ANY purchases totaling $100 or more of ANY combination of books or audios in the Shop will Receive a Gift Certificate for a 30 min. Private Session with me* (normally $65 on it’s own, and some would say priceless 😉

SHOP HERE – Spend $100 and get a 30 min private session as my gift.

*You must book your time by Dec 31, 2015 or the certificate will expire. Here’s another cool option, YOU can also transfer this GIFT to a friend or family member! Haven’t you ever thought of some person in your life who you think would benefit from working with me?

Whether you keep it for yourself or you decide to transfer the gift, you will receive a separate confirmation email after your purchase with details of how to schedule in a time with me.



Oh and on the growing list of giveaways…. here is a radio show that I was on last week. It can only help/contribute to YOU!

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