TGIWednesday and The Mystical Experience

Thank goodness it’s Wednesday
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Master Tanpai Rin Poche

I was invited to a house party where a Tibetan master was the star guest. Friends lined up all over the house waiting for a chance to meet with him. Every 15 minutes a bell rang and as one person left the small room, another one entered. When it was my turn, I felt the presence of God in the room. He wore golden flowing robes and was smiling as if he knew that it was all a big cosmic joke. He was extremely intuitive and asked about my mother. He felt that all of my good fortune and continued success were due to my mother’s prayer. He asked if she was in spirit and I smiled because many consider my mother an earth angel born on Christmas Day, she gives you that peace that passes all understanding. I told him that she was still alive and then told him what I did and gave him a snippet of my life experiences. He reached into his robes and took out and flipped open a cell phone and asked for my phone number. The experience was surreal. He wanted to meet my mother in person and bless my home and have me work on him. It was all quite a different and profound experience.

Today I will recognize the stillness, comfort, grace and ease in that which is unusual. I will remember that we are a part of the one; that all people, places and things are blended into one and I will endure

An Excerpt from Tell the Fish:365 Daily Inspiration & Affirmations©

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