TGIWednesday… the IRS, beauty, and your own personal rebate

The following is an excerpt from:
Tell The Fish: 365 Daily Inspirations & Affirmations ©

April 15th
Gotta love the IRS

One of my clients that went through an abundance session with me had doubts about anything positive happening. She went a week or two with no results. To make matters worse, out of the blue she had a deposit of 10K put into her business account. On the same day the IRS swept the account and took all of it. She was, to say the least, distraught. Her CPA called the IRS and spoke with them at length. The agent said that they would put back 7,500 and keep 2,500 towards the client’s debt and set up 500$ a month payments towards her debt. The CPA figured it would be a month of Sundays before the IRS put that 7,500 back into her client’s account. Before the end of the business day, 7,500 went back in that account. My client was elated. It was still a windfall she had not expected and she never dreamed she would work out such a nice deal with the IRS. Even the CPA said that in 25 years of dealing with them, she had never seen the IRS put money back into an account so quickly. Never.

Today I will expect the impossible. I will anticipate better. I will see things through. I will see the hidden meaning in the down movements as much as I do the up ticks. I will anticipate a windfall today. I will read these words and know that all I have will be enlarged in the positive way

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