Mybeliefworks (TM) MP3 Audio Q & A TGIFriday… answering your questions

Thank goodness it’s Friday!
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Wow, got lots of emails after I released the new mp3s and I love that you guys are asking questions and I want this to be as simple as possible!

Here’s the deal…..listening to these recordings is like having me as your pilot, you can sit back, relax, and even take a nap and let it all sink in!

So, I’ll go ahead an answer a few of the questions here because I think they’ll be a benefit to everyone.

Q. Am I supposed to try to repeat the beliefs in my head as I listen or should just relax and absorb instead of repeating? As explained in the intro on each one, you can listen to them as often as you like, but you need not muscle test or memorize them or repeat them etc…
Q. Would like to know how often I have to listen to them and for how long? One time can do the trick, but most clients listen to them as needed and even some listen to them nightly if they are in a chronic state of need.
Q. Could you explain how they work? They work on a conscious and unconscious level and they create change in belief structure on many levels….DNA, core (this life time) soul level (little you hooked up to God) and history level (which is all past lives/karma etc) then there are known, unknown, named and unnamed like parallel universe, parallel dimensions and other worlds, just to name a few!) I am asking that when you hear my voice and listen to these words that they allow profound changes that can set up a higher probability towards changing what you would like to change.

Q. Will the Love mp3 work on current relationships? YES On marriage? Yes, it can only help you and if your spouse is open minded enough to listen it would help them too…. keep in mind it may not always be exactly what we "want", for instance your marriage could be repaired or it could dissolve faster and the next partner could be even better for you or their current stuff won’t bother you so much OR they actually change and the marriage becomes easier for both of you…..You get the idea….

P.S. You see guys….. I’ve done all the heavy lifting for everyone….it’s kind of like I am driving you to the mall and the GPS (God Powerful stuff) is talking….and giving me directions….This is for you……CLICK HERE don’t miss out!

Jimmy Mack V 727.678.0557

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