TGIFriday… I’m humbled and grateful…

Thank goodness it’s Friday
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Just wanted to take a minute to say that I’m humbled with the positive response that I’ve gotten from people who are enjoying the MyBeliefWorks™ audios and also for those who asked to hear a brief sample, you can click here to listen now.

Here are some of the nice comments I received:
"Hi Jimmy, I bought your MP3 recording of Money and abundance and listened to it. It was wonderful! I feel better!" – V.M.

"Hi Jimmy, I wanted to let you know that I just listened to your new Ideal Weight Mp3. I could feel myself shifting from heavy (at beginning of statement) to light (end of statement) or for some statements I felt light for the whole statement. I loved it and I’m still flying high (about 20 mins later now)! " – C.N.

A few other questions that I wanted to answer quickly…
Q. Can you play these recordings while you’re sleeping or at a low volume as you go through your day or do you have to be actively listening?

A. listening at low volume is fine… even while sleeping is fine…..if I were you to get the MAX out of them I would listen to them at least once and be fully engaged and aware of because “little you” hears this stuff and goes oooohhhhhh ok……I don’t have to be_____any more or ooohhh it’s ok for me to lose weight, make more money, and live a life that is addiction free…….I lost 12 lbs alone after writing the Ideal Weight one

I’m thrilled that so many are getting fast relief from these. Honestly, the depth of healing that came to me during the recording process would normally have taken me hours upon hours of individual private sessions to clear and you can experience it with these audios in a fraction of the time.

Happy Friday!

P.S. If you didn’t see the page about the MyBeliefWorks™ recordings yet, you can click here to read more about the 3 audio clearings for money, ideal weight, and addiction that are available for special offer – this month only.

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